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Trapping is hard when you don't know what you need! Our goal is to make it as easy as possible for our members! That's why we save you the trouble of searching high and low by providing you with the same reliable, high quality gear we use on our trapline. 

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Complete Rex Predator Academy


+$100 Annual Renewal
  • Access to all current and future video lessons
  • Immediate access to complete library of lesson modules
  • Accessible anywhere on your smartphone
  • RPA Start-Up Kit ($450+ Value) with all the tools you need to start  (Cordless drill not included)
  • Decades of knowledge and experience broken down into easy to understand videos
  • Access to private online RPA community
  • Personal access to RPA team
  • Exclusive content and product offers
  • Potential for extra income

Complete Academy w/o Start-Up Kit


+$100 Annual Renewal
  • All the same benefits but, you guessed it, no RPA Start-Up Kit!
Jeff Parker - RPA Member with Coyote

Jeff Parker

RPA Member

"Because of Rex Predator Academy I was able to take 10 coyotes and 1 bobcat off of my small, deer hunting ranch this season."

Matt Sot - RPA member with a bobcat

Matt Sotiropoulos

RPA Member

"I started using the RPA system and was catching predators my first week! There is nothing like the feeling of coming around the corner to see your first catch sitting there."

Gary Owen - Rex Predator Academy Member

Gary Owen

RPA Member

"I’ve watched all the videos and I’m impressed...I'm not trying to sugarcoat it - you do the best videos, you explain stuff more in detail as you’re doing it."



We will work tirelessly to provide our members with the highest quality learning experience possible. 

No matter your goals or starting skill level we will do whatever it takes to get you to a point of repeatable success. 

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Who's It For?

-Beginner trappers who haven't been successful

-Serious hunters who care about the quality of their big game populations

-Absolute beginners wanting to learn a new skill

-Experienced trappers wanting to take their skills to the next level


All The Tools You Need To Be A Successful Predator Trapper

- Step-by-step instruction from top predator trappers in the nation

- Personal guidance to ensure your success

-Learn basics and concepts as well as advanced techniques

-Decades of professional knowledge in a clear and effective format

-Reduce pressure on your big game in-season

-Increase wild game populations

-Manage your property like a pro

-Remove predators from residential areas


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